'Chess, Hide-and-Seek and Determination: Civil Society in Difficult Times' report is now online

The final report of the research we have carried out in 2019 under the title “The Transformation of Civil Society in Turkey” is online now. Due to current precautions and restrictions against pandemic we are unable to organize a launch event but we wish to come together and discuss the report in the near safer future.

Chess, Hide-and-Seek and Determination: Civil Society in Difficult Times
Writers: Özlem Kaya – Pınar Öğünç
March 2020, Anadolu Kültür

In recent years non-governmental organizations around the world are struggling diverse adversities. Rights defenders are subjected to investigations, targeted in media with smear campaigns running against them, some are arrested and imprisoned, associations are put under the grip of financial and legal inspection, their activities are restrained, shut down and often run up against police violence.

The political climate, especially after 2015, has caused Turkey to experience this global disposition more severely. We carried out this research to understand how this period we are passing through is being experienced by civil society actors and keep record of the events before they are forgotten within rapid changing political agenda.

We would like to share with you the report Chess, Hide-and-Seek and Determination Civil Society in Difficult Times with the hope that these experiences told by their first hand subjects will prove to be guiding for the future.