All Together II has started its journey

We are happy to announce that the project “German-Turkish Initiative for Collaboration on Refugee Relief”, ALL TOGETHER II, has just begun with a Kick-Off Meeting on the 1st and 2nd of December in İstanbul. Our journey goes on with 16 new participant institutions from Germany and Turkey!

The implementing partners, Anadolu Kültür and Institut DINX will coordinate the 2 years project due to the support by Stiftung Mercator.
In recent years, one of the common grounds of Turkey and Germany is the motivation to address the new challenges around social inclusion in our societies. The fact that children and youth from diverse family languages and different socio-cultural backgrounds share the same living and learning environments has always generated new questions around inclusion. However today, there is an increasing need to ensure a well-working ecosystem for co-existence and social cohesion in our societies.

During the project, together with academics, researchers, educators, and pedagogues we will identify the upcoming challenges and possible paths for a successful inclusion for all children and youth, especially including children with refugee or migration background, in the field of non-formal education.
Participant institutions from Germany and Turkey will form working groups to do study visits together and by bringing their own expertise, they will discuss inclusion and social cohesion through different aspects of the topic. Each working group will develop Training the Trainers Program (ToT) as the main output of the project. Each output will focus on different needs and will support and strengthen the professionals or volunteers who directly work with children and youth through creative approaches.