Hatay, Mersin, Gaziantep

Yeniden: Community-Based Resilience and Psychosocial Support through Arts

The Yeniden Project will be implemented for one year by Anadolu Kültür in partnership with Deprem Dayanışması Association in Hatay, Maya Association in Mersin and Kırkayak Kültür in Gaziantep.

The project aims to create communities of practice in each city together with its local partners. It aims to strengthen the community members as well as the local partners' capacities in terms of  knowledge and skills in the fields of "rights-based approach", "child safeguarding" and "psychosocial support through arts". Therefore, the project supports children and young people’s access to regular and localized arts-based activities.

The project is divided into two half-years and will form a "Community of Practice " consisting of 25 participants in each city in the first half.

The first half of the project is between March 15 - July 15.

Applications are now open for the project participants from MERSİN, HATAY and Gaziantep

Application Form for MERSİN: https://forms.gle/3e1AcC7NYGL1PzsW9
Application Form for HATAY: https://forms.gle/biKfovfuPXKkH9Su9
Application Form for Gaziantep: https://forms.gle/JpmnoNrRc88YgW9n8