New exhibition on Diyarbakır's Memory: The District Post

In the new exhibition series of Diyarbakır’s Memory, which we have initiated with the title “The District Post”, we will listen to the stories of different districts of Diyarbakır that lie beyond the centre from writers and researchers who were born and grew up there.

In the first edition of “The District Post”, Dilawer Zeraq, the writer also known for his studies on the Kurdish language, adopts a poetic discourse to tell the story of Silvan, taking a personal route through the district. Writer and researcher Müslüm Üzülmez wrote a multi-layered text where he blended his deep knowledge of Ergani with personal records. Journalist Altan Sancar, one of the two directors of a documentary on the Armenian history of Eğil, took us on a trip both under and above water as he compared the lands he was born in with the present day under many headings.

“The District Post” will continue.

Contributing authors 
Altan Sancar, Müslüm Üzülmez, Dr. Dilawer Zeraq

Exhibition editor 
Pınar Öğünç

Dilawer Zeraq, Abdulsıttar Özmen (Kurdish) 
Nazım Dikbaş (English)

Ali Doğan Çetin


Diyarbakır’s Memory was developed as part of the project conducted by Anadolu Kültür and the Diyarbakır Association for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets in partnership. In the website, the tangible and intangible cultural values, multicultural character and history of Diyarbakır, which have remained in existence on its original site for six thousand years without interruption, are treated in light of various chosen themes.

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