VAHA programme's website is now online

VAHA (meaning “oasis” in Turkish) is a two-year programme made with and for the empowered voices of independent arts and culture spaces, advocating for public discussion and dialogue in cities across Turkey and Europe. Bringing together the diversity of hybrid spaces and contextual responses to the crises of democracy the regions are currently facing, VAHA explores the power of learning from local practices to develop tailor-made support for platforms of free expression and cultural programming. 

On VAHA’s new website, you can explore the programme details and get to know about 16 VAHA hubs* from Turkey and Europe. Furthermore, you can follow the project outcomes, announcements, inspiring stories and open calls from the VAHA cosmos. The multidisciplinary outputs of VAHA hubs will be accessible in a new section called ‘Library’ at the end of Phase 1, during which the hubs developed and implemented pilot activities in their cities. 

VAHA is an initiative of Anadolu Kültür and MitOst e.V., funded by Stiftung Mercator and the European Cultural Foundation. VAHA partner consortium is in a collaboration with the iac Berlin to implement a series of ‘thematic workshops and network meetings’. We thank the Chrest Foundation for its support of travel related expenses.

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*Altenburg, Ankara, Antalya, Athens, Belgrade, Budapest, Chernihiv, Diyarbakır (2 hubs), Eskişehir, Istanbul, Mersin, Nicosia, Porto, Tirana, Wrocław