Information Note on the Lawsuit 'Created' for Anadolu Kültür

This is our obligatory announcement to the public regarding the lawsuit for annulment “created” for Anadolu Kültür and related news propagated in media.

As a continuation of the unlawfulness Osman Kavala was subjected to, the Ministry of Commerce requested the annulment of Anadolu Kültür (a joint stock company), of which Kavala is the founder and director.
For the first time in the history of the Republic of Turkey, a lawsuit is filed against a company on the grounds that it “carries out its activities without profit, similar to associations and foundations”.

Our company has carried out all its operations legally and transparently since its establishment in 2002; no crime was detected in MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation Unit) and the Ministry’s investigations.
The lawsuit filed despite all this is unlawful. The allegations made by some media outlets within the scope of the case are deliberate, some of which are not even stated in the relevant file.
Detailed information about Anadolu Kültür’s projects and activities in various cities around Turkey which aimed to foster social dialogue through art and culture, that touched the lives of many artists and thousands of audience, can be accessed on our website's Our Works page.