ALL TOGETHER II: Final Working Groups are Formed

Due to Covid-19 we have restructured our project flow and structure and during the spring and summer 2020, we got together online for several webinars and meetings. In the last 2 months, we focused again on the ideas generated at the Kick-off meeting and refreshed them by taking into consideration the changing circumstances and current needs in the field. 

Following a series of online idea development discussions, our participants from Turkey and Germany have participated to our “Digital Open Space” platform and formed the final working groups. 

In the upcoming 5 months, we will work on 5 different themes as 5 working groups in order to create 5 different Trainer Training Modules. 

   1. Working on a game for sensitizing trainers on intersectional discrimination.
   2. Working on a training for inclusive methods in arts/cultural education.
   3. Working on a training for creating multilingual and translingual learning environments.
   4. Working on intercultural, multilingual and interactive storytelling.
   5. Working on a training to strengthen digital and remote collaboration skills between trainers and children/families.

Each group, which has held two working group meetings so far, are planning to start the next step in the begining new year. They will meet external experts from different fields in workshops, where they will receive support and enrich the content development process.