Panel: Everyday Life Experiences of Young Men from Turkey and Syria

اضغط من أجل اللغة العربية

Online panel titled “Everyday Life Experiences of Young Men from Turkey and Syria” based on the findings of a study conducted with young people from Syria and Turkey in Küçükçekmece and Sultanbeyli districts of Istanbul which focused on education, work and life experiences of young people, took place on Wednesday December 16th, at 1 pm to 4:45 pm.

Anadolu Kültür’s “Young People from Turkey and Syria” project was coordinated by academics and researchers Prof. Dr. Uğur Tekin, Prof. Dr. Deniz Yükseker and Dr. Neşe Şahin Taşğın, with the participation of Prof. Dr. Hatice Kurtuluş and Dr. Esra Kaya Erdoğan. Face to face conversations and focus group meetings were held with young people as part of the project conducted in Küçükçekmece and Sultanbeyli districts of Istanbul. In these meetings daily life, education and working experiences and future expectations of young people were discussed. Sinan Daşpınar conducted the photography events focusing on the daily lives of the young people participating in the project. A selection from the photographs will later be exhibited in these districts. Based on the findings of the field research of the project supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation; migration, peer-to-peer communication, the work of local governments and non-governmental organizations on the issue was discussed by public sector and civil society representatives and academics in the panel discussion.