VAHA Hubs get underway

VAHA programme builds on already active cultural spaces and initiatives that function as veritable oases ("vaha" in Turkish) for public discussion and dialogue in Turkey and beyond.

Alongside the invited teams from seven cities of Turkey, our open call to the neighbouring regions received 45 applications from 26 countries, and the hubs to take part in the programme are selected. VAHA hubs will start public activities in their cities very soon. The cities and organisations to take part in this first round of VAHA programme are as follows:

Altenburg, Germany: “Salon for Community Responsivity - how to listen to the sea in rural Thuringia?”
Other Music Academy e.V. | Futura e.V. | Paul-Gustavus-Haus e.V.

Ankara, Turkey: “Middle East through Films”
ADA Educational Cooperative | New Life Association | Aramızda

Antalya, Turkey: “VOYN! Embrace your own local heritage!”
ACCI Foundation | Are Projects | Culture Routes Society

Athens, Greece: “The words we don’t have: Geographies of independent arts practices” by the Kypseli Hub
NOUCMAS | Between the Seas: Mediterranean Performance Lab | O Meteoritis

Belgrade, Serbia: “HUB DIVAN - Centre for Social Change through Arts”
Art Aparat | Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) | Philopolitics

Budapest, Hungary: “C.R.U.S.H. - Cultural Resilience for Uncensored Spaces in Hungary”
Auróra Community Center | Bánkitó Festival | AZVLM

Chernihiv, Ukraine: “ART and MEDIA HUB”
Youth Drama Theatre “AmaTea” | Private Filmmaking Company | Hryhorii Galagan Chernihiv Regional Art Museum

Diyarbakır, Turkey: “Words Written on the Water: Feqiyê Teyran”
Wêjegeh Amed | Mordem Art and Ecological Life Association | Merkezkaç Art Collective

Diyarbakır, Turkey: “Feqiyê Teyran - Poet of Love and Affection”
a4 Open Art Space | WePhotos Art Space | Migration Foundation

Eskişehir, Turkey: “People’s Corona Monument of Eskişehir”
Eldem Art Space | Yort Books | Eskişehir School

Istanbul, Turkey: “Mapping Beyoğlu’s Cultural Institutions”
Kıraathane | Aras Publishing / Yesayan Room | Istos Publishing

Mersin, Turkey: “ME2 - Mersin Edge Effect”
Kültürhane | D5 Art Environment | Mersin Yabanları

Nicosia, Cyprus: “Perspective(s) - Wide Angle Conversations”
Visual Voices | Yfantourgeio TheWorkplace | Symfiliosi

Porto, Portugal: “Post-Amnesia: Dismantling Colonial Manifestations”
INSTITUTO | InterStruct Collective | RAMPA

Tirana, Albania: “Filiza”
Tek Bunkeri | Hapesire Kulturore Uzina | Destil Creative Hub

Wrocław, Poland: “Wrocław Strategic Survival Hub”
ART TRANSPARENT | Foundation for European Studies (FEPS) | Diversja Association

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