Adalet Atlası (Justice Atlas) Podcast started to broadcast

Adalet Atlası (Justice Atlas) is a podcast series that is focused on the current violations of rights, while not limiting justice to the law. The series, which consists of 15 episodes, discusses the intersection points of justice and various areas, from music to forensic medicine, from artificial intelligence to cinema. In each episode, two or three guests from different disciplines share a conversation while responding to the questions moderated by Hazal Özvarış.

Starting from 15 October 2020, a new episode is shared with the public every Thursday through our podcast channels. List of various additional resources (works, films, articles, etc.) based on the suggestions of the guests is shared on the project webpage and on the social media accounts of Adalet Atlası for the listeners who would like to access more information on the content.

This podcast is supported by Civil Rights Defenders and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.