A New Collaboration by ALL TOGETHER Project Network

MeloBE and Digital Body Percussion with Children

All Together project participants Train of Hope (Germany) and BoMoVu (Turkey) came together again and collaborated with children for an art-based workshop via digital tools.

The Project, “All Together Digital Body Percussion in Germany and Turkey" started in July 2020. With this project both organizations aim to guide children to find active and creative ways of “musical bondings despite the physical distance”.

For the last few weeks, children from Germany and Turkey have been learning body percussion movements to accompany the melody “Wind”, which was specially composed for the MeloBe Program. These body percussion sessions have been recorded and all videos are collected in the first week of August. 

All videos will merge into a final output which is a collective performance video and will be shared with all participating children as well as partner organizations and all stakeholders in the field.

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For the body percussion workshops MeloBe Program by All Together Project was implemented. 

You can access MeloBe videos and Trainer’s Guidebook via the Tools section of our project website. We invite you to implement the program in your organizations.