New exhibition on Diyarbakır's Memory: Traditions, tastes, sounds, textures brought together by 'Diyarbekirlilik'

When we speak of Diyarbakır’s social and cultural life, it can seem as if the diversity composed of beliefs, ethnic identities and languages is an aspect of the city which has now been confined to the annals of history. The new exhibition of Diyarbakır’s Memory, Traditions, tastes, sounds, textures brought together by “Diyarbekirlilik”, addresses rituals of birth and death, music and gastronomic culture that have stood side by side, co-existing, mixing, nurturing one another.

Diyarbakır’s Memory was developed as part of the project conducted by Anadolu Kültür in partnership with the Diyarbakır Association for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets. In the website, the tangible and intangible cultural values, multicultural character and history of Diyarbakır, which have remained in existence on its original site for six thousand years without interruption, are treated in light of various chosen themes.

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The Diyarbakır’s Memory project is realized with the support of Gerda Henkel Stiftung and Chrest Foundation.