Online Seminars and All Together Turkey Meeting

During May and June 2020, All Together II brought together educators and representative form its 16 participants organizations.

Online meetings, despite its limitations, constitute the space where participant organizations can hear about each other’s current projects and acquire a more in depth information about their area of work. The webinar topics also cover or intersect with the suggested themes of Trainers Trainings to be developed during the upcoming months.

5 most recent webinars of All Together:

√ Rucksack Programm - BackPack Program - Gökhan Kabaca (UNNA - Germany)

√ “From Early Childhood to Youth: Growing with the Arts” Report presentation - Prof. Dr. Feyza Çorapçı

√ Child Safeguarding and Child Protection - Selda Bozbıyık

√ Intersectionality and Intersectional Pedagogy- Berfin Balık (IFAK e.V. Bochum)

√ Thinking With Stories - Sezai Ozan Zeybek (Berlin Alice Salomon University)

Following these webinars, we have decided to slow down the pace of webinars for the summer time, in order to organize a “participatory sharing and feedback meeting” with All Together Turkey Participants.

8 different organizations from different cities of Turkey got together online to tell their stories, their experiences of pandemic. These stories were partly personal partly organizational and institutional. Then, we evaluated the previous online meetings by All Together and exchange ideas about the activities to be designed for the upcoming months by experimenting on new online tools.

We will keep exploring the fun and productive aspects of getting together on different digital landscapes. We will host representatives and participants from all 16 participant organizations from Germany and Turkey next time in a bilingual meeting in July.