All Together II - Webinars and Study Trips

All Together II Project has planned four study trips to Mersin, Cologne, Berlin and İstanbul during March, April and May 2020. These study trips, each focused on a different theme, would include several visits to institutions, dicsussions with academics and researchers as well as meetings with experts from the field. In these times of  global pandemic at an unprecedentant scale, we had to postpone these meetings until the moment we can feel the safety and joy of getting physically together again.

Meanwhile, during spring and summer 2020, All Together participants from Germany and Turkey get together regularly in online meetings with different experts. Within the limited ability of "collective distance-working", we will host meetings around topics like translanguaging, transcultural education, power relations and empowerment, privileges and discrimination, intersectionality, learning from nature and with nature, pedagogy of -global- social justice. In addition to that, each participant organization holds a web talk where they introduce one of their projects and its context-specific inputs. Due to these online meetings, we got the chance to discuss topics and challenges together with other project participants and their team of educators and volunteers.

We have already carried out 7 webinars. These webinars will hopefully continue during the summer and will be the common ground on which our project participants can discuss the conceptual frameworks, build their common language, elaborate on the connotations of terms and expressions in both languages, and last but not least, establish close ties that are indispensible for a collaborative production.

Topics of our previous webinars were:

• Intersectional Pedagogy

• Diversity-Sensitive Education

• Example of tools for Inclusive Education

• Why do we need a Nature Education?

• Discrimination and Diversity in Digital Games