Tools for Citizens

Tools for Citizens aims at supporting civil society actors, groups and organizations who want to improve how they act, collaborate and create impact. The Toolbox is made for civil society actors who strive for effecting positive social development and who look for new tools and pathways to develop their organization, their work in the team, with their community or with other civil society actors. The Toolbox is developed based on the needs of civil society in Turkey but it addresses all civil society actors around the globe.

With this Do It Yourself (DIY) Toolkit, Tools for Citizens creates new opportunities for actors to work on the development of their organization and team. The Toolbox enables civil society actors in small and grassroots organizations, initiatives, and informal groups without access to the resources of a metropolitan city to strengthen the capacity of their team and organization on their own.

Your team can find and try out new tools, or choose from an array of predesigned workshops and organizational development paths. The Toolbox focusses on relevant themes such as Strategy, Vision & Mission, Risk & Resilience, Internal Communication & Decisions, Knowledge & Learning, Roles & Responsibilities, Working with Volunteers, Social Business Development, Financial Models, Community Engagement, Collective Impact, Working with Funders, Crowdfunding and Evaluative Learning. 

The Toolbox contains methods, worksheets, background papers and workshop designs, which you can preview and download online in English and Turkish.
The Toolbox has been developed in the scope of the project “Tools for Citizens”. The project is run by MitOst e.V. supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and operated in cooperation with SOCIUS Organisationsberatung gemeinnützige GmbH, Anadolu Kültür, This Is Comm'on and Art of Hosting Athens with the consultancy of Laden Yurttagüler and Yörük Kurtaran.