BAK: Revealing the City through Memory

BAK: Revealing the City through Memory started as a cultural and artistic production program in 2012, and is co-implemented by Anadolu Kültür's Istanbul and Diyarbakır offices. BAK is designed as an open space for everyone who would like to share the possibility and hope of living together, with an aim to bring together young people from different parts of Turkey telling stories about their cities through visual media, expressing the multi-lingual and multi-cultural structure of cities and contemporary changes through the witnessing eye of present day.

BAK aimed at multiplying the resources and widening the space for young people to express themselves through alternative workshops for all different phases of production, and it was designed and implemented in collaboration with docİstanbul - Center for Documentary Studies and Geniş Açı in the first six years of the project. Between 2012-2018, during the three different periods of the program, 60 young people from 12 cities produced photography and video works telling stories from their cities. More than 200 young people participated in BAK trainings and thousands of audiences reached these stories in exhibitions and screening programs that represent BAK works. Various public and cultural institutions, collectives from different cities became a part of BAK's exciting program by hosting trainings and workshops. Photographers, filmmakers, contemporary artists, scholars joined BAK's growing team as trainers and speakers.

Since 2017, BAK transformed into an online platform to widen the coexistence of more voices while continuing its programs for training and production. www.sehrebak.org is a website that young storytellers across Turkey share their photography and video works under thematic open calls and writers, artists and scholars write articles on these productions. The website is also an open resource which translates and shares significant texts on documentary photography and film, which involves creative and critical reading. With a growing experience, BAK continues to be a community of storytellers who would like to create visibility for their photography and video works.