Books and Games for Children on Syrian Cultural Heritage

This project aims to develop and implement a new method that focuses on cultural heritage for the integration of refugee children to the education system in Turkey. In the project, a package that includes 2 bilingual books and 2 games with a focus on Syrian cultural heritage will be prepared and distributed in selected public schools, temporary education centers and community centers in Istanbul. 

The books and games are developed by Syrian writers, and illustrators, and experts on education and Syrian cultural heritage are also consulted. To support this process, meetings will be organized with the teachers from public schools and temporary education centers as well as representatives from community centers to introduce the books and get their feedbacks. The interactive versions of the books and games will also be accessible via Anadolu Kültür’s website.

It is obviously important that the refugee children should be informed and have access to the cultural assets of the host country. However, at the same time, providing them with information about the diverse cultural heritage of Syria will prevent them from being disconnected from their own cultural roots. The tools not only provide refugee kids a better understanding of their history but also equip them with means to share when they want to present themselves. The use of the same tool by the children of Turkey can contribute to a better understanding between the young people and prevent the development of mutual prejudices.

The project is implemented by Anadolu Kültür in cooperation with Pages Bookstore, with the support of Chrest Foundation and Open Society Foundation.

Arabic-Turkish Bilingual Children Books Ready For Distribution!

Zeyna and Aziz

While Zeyna and Aziz stroll on the magic carpet and fly over Syria, we all follow them in their journey and learn about cultural and historical diversity of Syria.
The project “Syrian Cultural Heritage for Children: Books and Games” aims to establish an alternative ground for cultural dialogue among children, create an opportunity for Turkish children to become familiar with Syrian cultural heritage and support Syrian children with creative materials that rely on the cultural richness of that geography. The story of Zeyna and Aziz are designed and published in Arabic and Turkish as bilingual books for 2 different age groups.

First edition of Zeyna and Aziz is shared with NGOs, community centers and temporary education centers free of charge. They have been used for a variety of different children activities and interactive story telling sessions during 2017. 
Second edition of the two books are ready! Civil initiatives, voluntary organizations, NGOs and community centers have access to these books free of charge on demand. Please contact us for your book requests for different age groups.


Third book of the project, is an adaptation of the short animation film “Hadia” by Sinem Sakaoğlu.

“Hadia” has premiered at one of the internationally renowned film festivals, namely Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and has been awarded by Liv Ullmann Peace Prize and Best Animation Second Place. “Hadia” was screened at the ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan and 9. Hangi İnsan Hakları? Film Festivali placed (9th Which Human Rights? Film Festival).

Graphic design and plot of the book are based on the animation film in which Tarek, a six years old boy from Aleppo re-establishes ties to the past and builds new friendships in the new city he lives.

“Hadia”, the third of book of the Project has been shared with civil initiatives, voluntary organizations, NGOs and community centers free of charge on demand. Please contact us for your book requests.

The project is implemented with the support of US Embassy, Ankara, Chrest Foundation and Open Society Foundation.