Homs, Sweet Homs

The website www.sweethoms.com was designed to protect the 2500 years-long cultural heritage of the city of Homs and to share this heritage. It is now online.

This historical city, situated in the Orontes Valley in between Damascus and Aleppo, was known as Emesa in the ancient times, around 2300 BC. It has been home to many cultures throughout centuries and it has always been one of the most important settlements in Syria due to its geography and history.

The website, which was sponsored by Chrest Foundation in cooperation with Anadolu Kültür, aims to record the rich culture of Homs that is in danger right now because of the armed conflict, to make the multilayered heritage of the city visible and to show what is at stake.

“Homs, Sweet Homs” presents the cultural heritage under different headings: Social and cultural life, fine arts, music, literature, food and the values of the city. The archive on the website will grow with your contributions! You may share the written and the visual material related to the culture of Homs with us through [email protected].

You can also access the digital versions of all the work in the exhibition Echo of Homs, which was hosted at Depo in 8 July - 6 August 2017.