A Book For Every Child

October 2009 – December 2010
Ankara, İstanbul, Çanakkale, Bursa, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Trabzon, Diyarbakır, Samsun, Erzincan, Antakya

As part of the A Book for Every Child project, 10 books by 10 Swedish writers were translated into Turkish and distributed free of charge to thousands of children in Ankara, İstanbul, Çanakkale, Bursa, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Trabzon, Diyarbakır, Samsun, Erzincan and Antakya. In addition to supplying children with restricted means with books of high content and print quality, talks and reading days were organized in every city that brought the children together with the writers, illustrators and translators of the books. Supported by the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul, 5,500 copies were printed of each book, thus distributing 55,000 books. The project that continued from October 2009 to December 2010 enabled us to reach various targets that developed by supporting each other. Distinguished examples from the rich children's literature of Sweden were translated into Turkish in outstanding translations, many children with limited access to cultural events were provided with these books and the act of reading was enriched with a collective experience involving authors and illustrators.

The A Book For Every Child project was realized in collaboration with Anadolu Kültür and Kanat Kitap.


Goodbye Mr. Muffin
Written by: Ulf Nilsson
Illustrated by: Anna-Clara Tidholm

The Blackberry Gang: Treasure Hunt
Written by: Stefan Casta
Illustrated by: Mimmi Tollerup-Grkovic

School of the Sky
Written by: Ewa Malmborg
Illustrated by: Lisa Sollenberg

Lucky Me! Dear Me!
Written by: Thomas Halling
Illustrated by: Eva Eriksson

The Miracle Child
Written by: Ulf Stark
Illustrated by: Marcus Majaluoma

Junk Collector School
Written by: Adam Dahlin
Illustrated by: Emma Akerman

The Girl I Love Is Called Milena
Written by: Per Nilsson
Illustrated by: Pija Lindenbaum

Ellika Tomson's Diary of Discoveries
Written by: Asa Lind
Illustrated by: Hakan Gürsoytrak

Pippi Longstocking
Written by: Astrid Lindgren
Illustrated by: Ingrid Vang Nyman

Star of Fortune
Written by: Ingelin Angerborn