Merhabarev is a title derived by combining the word for hello in Turkish, 'merhaba', with the world for it in Armenian, 'barev'. Within the scope of the project described by Mehmet Kaçmaz with the words, 'We entrusted the cities we live in to the eyes of one another', photographers from Turkey carried out shootings in Yerevan from 3 to 11 May, and photographers from Armenia carried out shootings in Istanbul from 26 June to 3 June. Each group, travelling to these cities as strangers, produced a document that revealed how they saw these cities. Hundred and thirty works, selected from the ninety thousand photographs that were taken, visited Diyarbakır after Istanbul and Yerevan. The exhibition then travelled to the Caucasus, Europe and Anatolia.

Photographers: Özcan Yurdalan, Karen Mirzoyan, Serra Akcan, German Avagyan, Kerem Uzel, Ruben Mangasaryan, Mehmet Kaçmaz, Nelli Shismanyan, Tolga Sezgin, Anahit Hayrapetyan.

The project, carried out in collaboration by Nar Photos from Istanbul and Patker Photos from Yerevan, was realized with the support of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Istanbul Office.