Sireli Yeğpayris (Sevgili Kardeşim) [My Dear Brother]: Armenians in Turkey, A Hundred Years Ago, An Exhibition of Postcards

Birzamanlar Publishing House's exhibition titled 'Sireli Yeğpayris (Sevgili Kardeşim) [My Dear Brother]: Armenians in Turkey 100 Years ago, with Postcards from the Orlando Carlo Calumeno Collection' which introduced the social, commercial, cultural and private lives of Armenians who in the early 20th century lived within the borders of the present-day Republic of Turkey through postcards, was first held at Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, and the TÜYAP Book Fair in Istanbul, and then travelled to Yerevan, Munich, Köln, Frankfurt, Valence and Geneva. The exhibition was curated by Osman Köker.

The exhibition in Yerevan was realized with the support of Civilitas, and in collaboration with the Birzamanlar Publishing House.