An Armenian Concert or A Turkish Proverb

The play titled "Le concert arménien ou le proverbe turc | An Armenian Concert or a Turkish Proverb", written by composer, actor and writer Gerard Torikian and Isabelle Guidard, and staged by director and actor Serge Avedikian, which featured Torikian himself, revolves around the preparation of a composer of Armenian origin for the recital of the Odysseia Suite for piano. The composer believes that when he is occupied with his composition, he can escape the ghosts that haunt him and constantly take him back to his past. However, Homer's epic poem that inspires his suite corresponds so closely with the ghosts that won't let him be, let alone help him escape, it inevitably reminds him of his past with its colourful, comical or disquieting figures that horrify or enlighten him. However, one thing is certain: in order to make peace with the past, one has to have fun and play with it.

An Armenian Concert or a Turkish Proverb was first staged in Diyarbakır with the partnership of Diyarbakır Art Centre and then staged in Istanbul with the contributions of the Istanbul French Cultural Centre and Cultures France.