Ebru: Reflections of Cultural Diversity

Ebru is the search for a new language that will render the cultural diversity in Turkey both visible and comprehensible. The main reference point of this work that is the outcome of Attila Durak's seven-year adventure full of curiosity, passion and intense labour, is the art of ebru [marbling] which reveals a thousand and one possibilities by reflecting life on the surface of the water. As a metaphor, 'ebru' might prove a much more meaningful alternative to think about the old and new dilemmas of cultural policy in the early 21st century than worn metaphors like 'mosaic'. Ebru is an invitiation to open our minds and hearts to the permanent dynamism and resistance, fluidity and coureageous sincerity that exist in these photographs and stories.

Anadolu Kültür organized the Anatolian tour of the Ebru exhibition with support provided by the Open Society Institute, Swedish Consulate, Chrest Foundation and Halk Bankası. Within the scope of this tour, the exhibiton opened on 7 December 2007 at the Hatay Cultural Center.