Gomidas at 140

In December 2010, a series of events were organized on the 140th anniversary of the birth and 75th anniversary of the death of Gomidas, the first ethnomusicologist of Turkey, composer, interpreter, choir leader and Armenian priest. In addition to the folk music anthologies he made, one of the most important qualities of Gomidas was his command of Western music which lit the path for music studies that were made after him. Although Gomidas became a cultural icon for world Armenians, in Turkey, where he had carried out his work and research, there had been no noteworthy research on his tragic life story and music. It wasn't even possible to find a written Turkish reference on Gomidas. Anadolu Kültür took a step towards allaying this shortcoming and aimed, with the "Gomidas at 140" events to contribute to intercultural communication and create a lasting work on Gomidas.

The "Gomidas at 140" events include the Gomidas Holy Mass, Homage to Gomidas: Songs of This Land concerts, the Travels with Gomidas performace, a panel titled Gomidas's Life and Music, the booklet titled Homage to Gomidas: The Voice of This Land and the Gomidas / S. Badarak CD.