Remembering with Photography

Within the scope of the Remembering with Photography project, İshak Kalaç, Ergin Sarı, Lütfi Kavak and Sabri Özdemir, local photographers from Batman, Mardin, Şırnak, Van and Yüksekova, carried out 3-month workshops with children. At the end of the workshop, photographs taken by the participants around the theme of "remembering" and stories that accompanied the photographs, were brought together in an exhibition. Parallel to the circulation of the exhibition and the book, a blog that relates the entire process in journal form can be found at http://fotograflahatirlamak.blogspot.com.

"The photography workshop added a lot of beautiful things to my life. To give an example, first and foremost, it enabled me to look at life not from a narrow window, but with a wider horizon, with a different eye. It taught me that there was more to the world than Yüksekova. Of course, as it taught me this, it did not tell me to turn my back on the place we were born in, and grew up. To the contrary, it tried to show us how all those stones we did not know of before, or thought of as seemingly little and worthless, could come together to form a different and valuable treasure."

Kader Barut, Hakkari - Yüksekova

The project was realized with the support of the Chrest Foundation, the Open Society Foundation and Fujifilm.
The book titled Remembering with Photography was published in June 2012.

The project is supported by Chrest Foundation, Open Society Foundation and Fujifilm.