Short Films from Germany in Anatolia

The Goethe Institute's short film program titled "Short and Good II", comprising 27 films and screened at the 18th International Istanbul Short Film Festival, met with audiences in 13 separate cities and 16 centres with the support of Anadolu Kültür.

27 new works, which are senior projects produced at film schools in Germany, and display visible personal styles, present audiences with a general view of short films made in recent years in Germany. Directors of some films in the selection were nominated for short film awards.

Films Screened

You and I; 5 short films on the theme of Love. (81 min.)
Close and Far; 8 short films challenging the traditional borders between documentary and fictional films. (108 min.)
Old and Young; 7 short films on the joy and difficulties of the shared life of different generations. (97 min.) 
To Escape or to Stay; 7 short films on the negative aspects of life in Germany. (75 min.)