Films from Northern Ireland in Anatolia

The program featured Paul Greengrass's Bloody Sunday, Ken Loach's The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Oliver Hirschbiegel's Five Minutes Of Heaven and Steve McQueen's Hunger, and talks were held in Diyarbakır and Batman with the participation of Don Mullan, the co-producer of Bloody Sunday and assistant producer of Five Minutes Of Heaven, Prof. John Hill from London University and Kemal Yıldızhan from Diyarbakır Art Centre. Talks in İzmir featured Prof. Dr. Ertan Yılmaz and Hüseyin Karabey, and in Mardin, Hüseyin Kuzu.

The screenings of Films from Northern Ireland in Anatolia was realized with the support of British Council.

12 - 13 March 2010, Yılmaz Güney Movie Theatre, Batman
13 - 14 March 2010, Diyarbakır Art Centre, Diyarbakır
1 - 2 April 2010, 9 Eylül University, İzmir
29-30 May 2010, Sinemardin, Mardin