Diyarbakır's Memory: Archive and Portal

Diyarbakır is among the rare cities to have remained in existence on its original site for six thousand years straight, thus representing the development of urban history in all of its stages. The "Diyarbakır's Memory: Archive and Portal" project aims to archive and disseminate information on the rich cultural heritage and multilingual, multicultural and multi-faith character of Diyarbakır. The project is being conducted by Anadolu Kültür and the Diyarbakır Association for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets (Diyarbakır Kültür Tabiat Varlıklarını Koruma Derneği) in partnership and funded by Gerda Henkel Stiftung and Chrest Foundation.

The archive collects, digitizes and catalogues archival materials on the city of Diyarbakır. The process of digitalization and cataloguing was initiated in July 2018 and will continue throughout the project. The portal is an online platform aiming to record, preserve and promulgate this city's history accumulated over the ages. In the portal, tangible and intangible cultural values and history of Diyarbakır are treated in light of online exhibitions in various chosen themes, drawing on material culture objects as well as visual and audio material and documents pertaining to history, culture, social life, architecture, trade, production, natural life, daily life, music, literature, art, etc.

Collaborating with Anadolu Kültür, the Diyarbakır Association for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets was founded in Diyarbakır in 1996 for the purpose of protecting and conserving tangible and intangible cultural and natural assets. It works to protect, document and promote the city's cultural and natural values.