Women on the Road

1.9.2013 - 30.9.2014
Izmir, Berlin

Aslı Güngörer - Sanatölye Varyant (Izmir/Turkey)
Hülya Karcı Egetenmeier – Schilleria Madchencafe (Berlin/Germany)

The project focused on women migrants forced to migrate due to wars, economic problems, natural disasters, and other reasons. The project tried to witness how the migrant women strive to hold their family together and establish new relationships in new cities and countries, in foreign and new social circles. In addition to the interviews conducted in Berlin and Izmir, the research trip to Gaziantep on December 6-9, 2013 provided an opportunity for the team to meet with the migrant/refugee women.

During the project, fairy tale nights, music and dance workshops were organized with the women migrating from Syria and Lebanon to Turkey and Germany, and biographical workshops were held by using documentary theater technique. A documentary film was produced at the end of the project. The film was screened at Sanatölye Varyant, Izmir on October 8, 2014.

Website: www.womenontheroad.org

Supporting Organizations: ECF (Step Beyond), Senatsverwaltung dür Arbeit, Integration und Frauen Berlin, Deutsch – Arabisches Zentrum Berlin, Kırkayak Art Center Gaziantep.



Film masthead:
Women on the Road, 2014, 16’37’’
Editing by: Aslı Güngörer, Hülya Karcı, Nevim Yakıt
Camera: Kader Metin, Duygu Özer, Arzu Tuncel Rollenhagen
Performance: Watfa El-Mustapha (food), S.Cansu Ergin (dance), Sami Hosseini (tambourine), Karahan Kadırman (ney-reed flute)