Whispers of a Common Past

1.9.2013 - 31.10.2014
Izmir, Athens

Filiz Ağbaba Gürsel -Selçuk Municipality Selçuk Ephesus City Memory (Selçuk-Izmir/Turkey)
Laura Melpomeni Tapini – Diadrasis (Athens/Greece)

Carried out in collaboration by the Selçuk Ephesus City Memory Center of the Selçuk Municipality and Diadrasis in Athens conducting interdisciplinary studies on archaeological and architectural protection, the project Whispers of a Common Past tracked down the common cultural aspects of Greece and Turkey.

The project focused on the similar aspects of cultures in Turkey and Greece which coexisted side by side for centuries. The archives available at the Selçuk Ephesus City Memory Center and the Pan-Hellenic Association of Ephesians, which consisted of the documents, photographs and oral history documents related to the population exchange between Greece and Turkey pursuant to the Lausanne Peace Treaty of 1923, was brought back to the agenda with this project. The documentary film featuring interviews with the first and second generation exchanged people living in Turkey and Greece, aimed to convey the common values of the two cultures to the next generations, and expand the current archives as a tool of reconciliation.

The film was screened at Hellenic Archaeologists Society in Athens on Monday September 8. Before the screening, Maro Magoula from the Kent University and Athens University of Economics and Business explained for the participants the content of intangible cultural heritage, and the methods used for its preservation. Then, Katherine Burlingame from the Brandenburg Technical University in Germany made a presentation on “Mapping the Intangible Heritage of the 1923 Greek and Turkish Compulsory Population Exchange”.

The project received the grand prize in the cultural heritage category for the best project of 'cross-border cooperation' during the Eastern-Europe Initiatives Congress held in Lublin.

Website: www.whispersofcommonpast.wordpress.com

Supporting Organizations: Pan-Hellenic association of Ephesians, Hellenic Archaeologists Society, Anatolian Studies Center Athens, Paradoks Production Izmir.


Film masthead:
Whispers of a Common Past, 2014, 22’42’’
Editing by: Filiz Ağbaba-Gürsel, Laura Melpomeni Tapini