Weddings without Bridegrooms

1.9.2011 - 31.12.2012
Mardin, Duisburg, Essen

Hybridarbeit (Duisburg), MSD_ Mardin Cinema Association (Mardin)
Coordinators: Nesrin Tanç, Mesut Alp 

Weddings without Bridegrooms, a short film project, focuses on the familiar sight in Mardin of weddings without brides or grooms. In this project about a short film on a wedding without a groom, the groom cannot take part in his own wedding in Mardin, because he cannot cross the border and enter the country since he has not completed his military service. Thus, the groom becomes part of the celebrations via Skype.

Supporting Institutions: Mardin Governorship (Mardin), FOV Ajans (Mardin), Mardin Museum (Mardin), Perspective Working Group (Duisburg), Essen University (Essen), Duisburg Museum (Duisburg).