Unlimited Areas

1.9.2011 - 31.12.2012
Çanakkale, Paris, Asnieres

CABININ_Çanakkale Biennial Initiative (Çanakkale), Personimages (Paris)
Coordinators: Ayda Su Nuroğlu, Seyhan Boztepe

For the Unlimited Areas project, Ayda and Seyhan organized art workshops for the mentally disabled in Paris and Çanakkale. In Çanakkale, drama and plastic arts workshops were held with 14 participants over 7 months, and in Paris, dance and plastic arts workshops accompanied by instructors were held weekly over 8 months with 21 participants. The 3rd Asnieres Arts Without Borders Festival in Paris, and the 49th International Troia Festival hosted the exhibition and performances.

Supporting Institutions: Çanakkale Governorship, III. International Arts Sans Aucunes Frontières Festival (Asnieres, France), Troia Festival (Çanakkale), the Akol and Aşkın Hotels (Çanakkale), the Artists without Borders Association (Paris), Düşler Akademisi (Istanbul).

For detailed information about the project please visit the address http://unlimitedareas.blogspot.com/