Syria in Transit

1.9.2013 - 30.11.2014
Gaziantep, London, Calais

Vural Tarla, Kırkayak Art Center (Gaziantep/Turkey)
Jon Davis, LIFT/London International Theatre Festival (London/UK)

The project was launched to listen to the stories of the refugees living at the Turkey-Syria border and UK-France border. The project managers talked with the Syrians sleeping on the streets in tarp tents, turning cheap hotels and abandoned buildings into living spaces. They listened to their stories converging at the same common troubles and hardships, and documented these stories.

By focusing on the issues of home, society, poverty and migration, the project laid bare the exile stories of Syrian refugees holding onto life at Calais region on the UK-France border and particularly around Gaziantep in Turkey, and narrated the stories through the concept of vagrancy with texts, video, audio recordings and photographs.

The exhibition comprised of the conducted documentations met with the audiences at London Rich Mix Gallery on August 29-September 10, 2014; London Balfron Tower on September 20-29, 2014; Berlin Scotty Enterprises on November 15-December 6; and Kırkayak Art Center on November 15-30, 2014.

Syria in Transit was invited to be exhibited in Montevideo (Uruguay), Izmir and Ankara (Turkey) in 2015.


Supporting Organizations: Rich Mix Gallery London, Balfron Tower London, CoLabora Berlin


Video masthead:
Dream and Dream Returns, 2014, 20’58’’
Music: Kinan Azmeh
Video: Kemal Vural Tarlan
Production: Jon Davis