Non-Static Depiction

1.9.2013 - 30.9.2014
Sivas, London, Rovaniemi

Merja Briñón - Artist’s Association of Lapland (Rovaniemi/Finland)
Katarzyna Sobucka - Arts Territory (London/UK)
Talat Alkan – Sivas Hizmet Foundation (Sivas/Turkey)



Non-Static Depiction project focused on the relationship between tradition and contemporary art through local folk arts and craftspeople’s works in Sivas, Lapland/Finland and Poland.

Finnish academician and painter Juhani Tuominen and Polish artist Alicja Dobrucka did research on traditional arts and craftspeople in Sivas for 2 months, starting from January 2014. As a result of their research, Juhani Tuominen created paintings inspired by the ornaments on the interiors of the tombs. Alicja Dobrucka examined Sivas’s traditional knife making, silver works, gilding, bağlama (an instrument with three double strings) making, and similar arts, and she created multi-disciplinary artworks including drawings and videos through her collaboration with craftspeople.


Collaborating craftspeople: Mehmet Ali Düzün (marbling artist), Mustafa Argut (cutler), Mustafa Kaydan (photographer), Cefer Yıldız (rosary maker), Ünal Güvenal (silversmith), İbrahim Odabaşı (ney-reed flute player, painter)

Starting from March 2014 onwards, curated by Katarzyna Sobucka and Merja Briñón, the exhibition Non-Static Depiction, bringing together the works produced during the project, met with the audience at Sivas Atatürk Cultural Center (March 7-16, 2014), then London Vyner Street Gallery (May 2-8, 2014) and Rovaniemi Gallery Napa (May 17-June 04, 2014). During the exhibition at Gallery Napa, reed flute player (neyzen) İbrahim Odabaşı from Sivas performed a selection of music and Juhani Tuominen held an artist talk.

Supporting Organisations: Frame Foundation Finland, Arts Council England, Sivas Municipality, Sivas City Culture Directorate, Hayat Ağacı Magazine, Sivas Hürdoğan Newspaper.