Genius Voci

1.9.2013 - 30.9.2014
Istanbul, Florence

Cemre Ceren Asarlı - Documentarist (Istanbul/Turkey)
Silke Kurth - Festival dei Popoli (Florence/Italy)

The project consists of three documentary workshops organized throughout 2014 in Istanbul and Florence. The two-stage workshop project titled Genius Voci* aims to assist directors and artists at the stage of idea-generation for producing documentaries around the aforementioned theme of resisting spaces.

Primary objectives of the programme which aims to enable directors and artists to improve their skills in the field of Creative Documentary film making and develop their projects in hand, are: 1) to promote a shared contemplation and provide the opportunity of analysis and involvement with outstanding theoretical and methodological approaches (seminar) as well as with outstanding artistic works; 2) to activate a creative process between Italian and Turkish film makers on the multiple ways of building different “cinematic gazes” on the same topics; 3) to assist young as well as experienced authors and film makers during the stage of the idea-generation and project-planning in order to enhance their capabilities in view of forthcoming presentations in pitchings forums.

Before the workshops, the organization representatives came together at the 54th Festival dei Popoli film festival between November 30 - December 7, 2013. Following this festival attended by Cemre Ceren Asarlı and Necati Sönmez from the Documentarist team, Vittorio Iervese and Silke Kurth from Festival dei Popoli attended “Which Human Rights” film festival organized by Documentarist in Istanbul on December 18-19, 2013.

Participants were elected through an open call for applications to this documentary development workshop based on the main theme of “# 1_How to film the search for a ‘Better Place’” which aims develop and hone documentary projects for shooting based on the ideas that address the struggle of protecting, sustaining and conserving the spaces we live in. The first workshops were held on May 2-4, 2014 simultaneously in Istanbul by Andreas Treske (Bilkent University) and in Florence by Alberto Lastrucci (Festival dei Popoli Director), Vittorio Iervese (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia /Festival dei Popoli), Giovanni Cioni (Director), and Stefano Mutolo (Berta Film). The second workshop bringing together the participants from Turkey and Italy was realized in Istanbul by Andreas Treske and Alessandra Celesia (Paris, Producer) on June 7-9, 2014 as part of the Documentarist 7th Istanbul Documentary Days.
The participating projects from Turkey and Italy in the Genius Voci New Creative Documentaries Workshop co-organized by Documentarist and Festival dei Popoli can be enumerated as follows:

Alessandra Cataleta, “Human/Scraps”
Chiara Pellegrini, “Balôn of Wonders”
Claudia Brignone, “Desire’s Desease”
Donaera Stefania, “Girls Without Dowry”
Francesco Dragone, “The Possible Destination”
Giovanna Burgos, “Ignorance is Not a Point of View”
Natalia Duque Quintero, “The Calligrapher Workshop, Cairo 2012 – 2013”
Nicola Melloni, “We Must Defy the Fate”
Roberto Zazzaro, “White Enemy”
Supervisors: Andrea Vitti, Cecilia Lentini, Claudio Fanetti, Maria Grech, Margherita Cambi

Anıl Olcan-Ozan Morgül, "Bostan and Everything Else"
Dağhan Celayir, "Minus One"
Josh Carney, "Mirror for the Fountain"
Okan Avcı, "Modern Earthquake Times"
Özlem Sarıyıldız, "Making the Future"
Tülay Dikenoğlu Süer, "The Village"
Yasemin Akıncı, "A Splendid Rose of Days Gone by: Istanbul"
Supervisors: Kerem Akbaş, Sabiha Çimen, Suna Demir

Outcomes of the Genius Voci Programme:
More than 30 film projects submitted from Turkey and Italy
Two projects from Italy and 7 from Turkey participated in the second workshop
One Italian film was screened in Festival di Salina and awarded with the “Audience Award”
One Italian film was invited to the pitching forum in the IDS–Italian Doc Screenings
Three Italian films were invited to the Pitching Forum organized in the frame of Doc at Work
One Italian film was supported by Regione Piemonte
One Italian film found a producer
Five teasers were produced
One project website was created
Special screenings with films from Turkey were organized during the 54th Festival dei Popoli
Italian producer Alessandra Celesia attended the Documentarist 7th Istanbul Documentary Days where her films were screened and she organized a panel titled “The Fine Line Between Documentary and Fiction”.


Supporting Organizations: Robert Kennedy Foundation Florence, European University Institute, Cinema Alfieri, Le Murate-Caffe Letterario Florence, Nardini Bookstore alle Murate Florence, SALT Galata Istanbul, Cezayir Hall Istanbul.

(*): “Genius voci” is a concept inspired by “genius loci” the Roman term for the “spirit of a space”, and can be translated to English as “sounds of a space”.