Cultural Gardening - Fest4All

1.9.2013 - 30.9.2014
Artvin, Banksa Bystrica

Esin Demircioğlu- Green Yayla Festival (Artvin/Turkey)
Milan Zvada - Zahrada Festival (Banska Bystrica/Slovakia)

Aiming to bring together local artists and craftspeople from Central Slovakia and Eastern Black Sea region in scope of Zahrada and Green Yayla Festivals and to develop a cooperation network, the project allowed local managers of both countries to exchange their expertise.

The first collaboration of both festivals took place at Zahrada Festival, Slovakia on May 30-June 1, 2014. In addition to Mecit Çeliktaş (musician-craftsman), Dursun Taner Kılınç (photographer), and Saliha Yavuz (Grizine) from Turkey, Levent Özata from Anadolu Kültür also attended the festival to cook samples from the Eastern Black Sea cuisine. The participants from Turkey conducted cooking and instrument making workshops during the festival, and participated in the discussion on contemporary issues of the civil society along with the locals. Taner Kılınç also prepared the photography documentation for the Festival.

Second meeting of the project was at the 9th Green Yayla Festival organized by GOLA at the Storm Valley (Fırtına Vadisi) - Ardeşen/Rize on August 15-17, 2014. This year the festival was organized around the theme of “Recycling and Garbage”; artists of Periferne Centra group from Slovakia, Andrej Poliak and Igor Babjak contributed to the festival with the following workshops that addressed this theme:

• Cultural Recycling / Peripheral Centers / Andrej Poliak and Igor Babjak
• Tastes from the Slovakian Kitchen / Zahrada Cultural Center
• Found in Landscape / Zahrada Culture Center / Andrej Poliak and Igor Babjak

Supporting Organizations: The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Ekopolis Foundation Banska Bystrica, Periferne Centra Dubravica, GriZine Istanbul.