Çanakkale Studies

1.1.2007 - 30.3.2013
Çanakkale, İstanbul

Local Cultural Policies work in Çanakkale began in early 2007. The city was already quite experienced in participatory planning, and focus group studies were carried out with young people, civil society organizations, representatives from local administrations and participants from the university in order to determine the priorities and needs of the city. Following these studies, two meetings were held in June 2007 and November 2007 to share the outcomes of the focus group work with citizens. In these meetings, the priorities and needs of citizens in terms of participatory cultural policies were discussed. As a consequence of the interest shown by its citizens, Çanakkale became one of the three cities of the Strategies for Local Cultural Policies project realized from 2008 to 2010. Two workshops were held in order to discuss and determine concrete steps to be taken to form participatory cultural policies in Çanakkale. During these workshops, participants decided to work on a series of events titled the Çanakkale 2010 Initiative during which various institutions and organizations would collaborate to revive the culture and arts scene of the city.