1.9.2011 - 31.12.2012
Antakya, Krakow, Lviv

To.Pole (Krakow), AGÜSAD_Antakya Contemporary Art Association (Antakya)
Coordinators: Agata Miloch, Emrah Gökdemir

For the Bedesten project, which took its name from the street where the AGÜSAD offices are, Emrah and Agata aimed to expand the space provided for art in everyday life. Three artists from Poland, Agata Miloch, Agata Bielska, and Pawel Korbus, worked for a month in Antakya, carrying out performances and holding workshops with artists and young people. Their work was presented at the Bedesten Festival they organized in Antakya in September 2012.

Supporting Institutions: The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Warsaw), ECF_'Step Beyond' (Amsterdam), Im Atölyesi [Im Studio] (Antakya).