Antakya Studies

1.12.2007 - 31.12.2010
Antakya, Istanbul

Local Cultural Policy work began in Antakya in 2007. The first work carried out in the city was focus group meetings held with young people, civil society institutions, local administration representatives and participants from universities. These meetings aimed to discover the priorities and needs of citizens in the field of culture and arts, and to place them on the agenda. The outcomes of the group work was shared with citizens in a meeting with broad participation held in December 2007. During the two-day meeting, the priorities and needs of the city were discussed in the light of the focus group reports and determined by citizens. In the meeting, participants agreed upon the necessity of continuing work in the city in order to develop local cultural policies. As an outcome of the intense participation and interest of citizens in the meeting, Antakya became one of the three cities to be included in the Strategies for Local Cultural Policies project realized in 2008-2010. The project in Antakya departed from the idea that working and producing together as the most effective method for different identities to live together. The programmes envisioned people from different social sections working together with the greatest possible participation. Thus, within the scope of the Strategies for Local Cultural Policies project in Antakya, an Oral History Workshop, Performance Workshop, Biennial Debates and Contemporary Art Workshops with High-Schools were organized. The Istanbul Biennial Antakya Events were carried out in collaboration with ─░KSV (─░stanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts).