¡Resisting the news! Video-activism Workshop

1.9.2013 - 31.10.2014
Ankara, Berlin

Barbara Glieden - Moviemiento e.V. (Berlin/Germany)
Ezgi Yalınalp - Puruli Culture & Art (Ankara/Turkey)

¡Resisting the news! Video Activism Workshop, organized by Berlin based Moviemiento e.V. and Ankara based Puruli Culture & Art, brought together young video artists from Germany, Egypt and Turkey in Ankara. During the workshop aiming to understand and question civil disobedience actions across the world, images taken for various purposes and in different formats (YouTube videos, news report images, mobile phone videos, etc.) were watched and discussed. Afterwards, the participants mounted and edited these images and videos and created their own films/videos. Özlem Sarıyıldız (Karahaber Video-Action Workshop) was the instructor of the workshop held at Ankara Goethe Institute on March 5-7, 2014. At the end of workshop, the videos produced were shared with the audience and a discussion session was held.

Missing Out (Aslı Özarslan) and Interval (Tennuz Baş, Bilge Demirtaş) among the videos created in the workshop participated in ECF Doc Next Network’s Radical Democracy Video Challenge. All the videos were presented to the audience at Klunkerkranich within the scope of the 25th Berlistanbul Underground Festival (Berlistanbul#25 Underground) on September 06-09, 2014. The event also featured a talk on the videos with the participation of Aslı Özarslan and Juliane Henrich.

Supporting Organizatons: Goethe Institute Ankara, ECF (Step Beyond), Berlistanbul #25 Underground Festival, Klunkerkranich Berlin


Video credits:

Missing Out, 2014, 1’53’’
Aslı Özarslan (Berlin)

Think Tank, 2014, 3’23’’
Ahmed El Shaer (Cairo)

Interval, 2014, 3’43’’
Tennur Baş, Bilge Demirtaş (Ankara, Izmir)

From Above, 2014, 6’49’’
Heba Amin (Cairo, Berlin)

June 1st, 2014, 4’35’’
Juliane Henrich (Berlin)