Working through the medium of culture and arts to enable Turkey to become a more democratic, pluralistic and free country, we as the Anadolu Kültür, DEPO and DSM team share the values that have emerged through the Gezi Park resistance and the responsibility of reinforcing solidarity.

The government’s restriction of our freedoms by way of excluding the civil society, choking the critical voices, and often resorting to police violence is nothing new. One morning we wake up to find out that a 3rd bridge will be built over the Bosphorus, another morning we learn that the Emek movie theatre will be demolished, the next day we hear that the right to abortion is being restricted, yet another day we are told that an independent art board will be established. The Gezi Park resistance is the transformation of the struggle started to protect the last remaining park in the center of İstanbul into a rebellion, a cry for freedom.

As the Anadolu Kültür employees and subjects of the resistance, since May 28 we have witnessed the disproportionate violence of the police, we have been doused with pepper gas, our friends have been injured, taken into custody for no reason. For weeks we have also been experiencing an environment of solidarity that has given us hope, an environment where we stand side by side freely expressing our demands and thoughts in public spaces of not only the Gezi Park, or only the parks in İstanbul but also in various cities. We believe that the creativity emanating from Gezi will inspire our future works at Anadolu Kültür where we will further emphasize cultural diversity, fundamental rights and freedoms.