Ankara’nın başkent olmasıyla modern bir proje halini alan ve başlangıcı İstanbul’un fethine dayanan batılılaşma hamleleri yol açmıştır.

Meeting of Cities

Gyumri and Bursa Met!

As part of ATNP: Stage Two project, Anadolu Kultur in partnership with Gallery 25 from Gyumri, Bursa Nilufer Municipality and Gyumri Municipality initiated “Meeting of Cities” project aiming at establishing and sustaining links between the arts and culture actors, civil society representatives and the municipalities of Bursa and Gyumri. A series of art events, including art exhibitions, concerts, theatre plays were organized creating a possibility for the artistic communities to meet and lay a ground for further cooperation, as well as interacting with the audience from the neighboring country.

The first event of the project- exhibition and concert titled “Blue Orb” produced by Human Planet artist movement and Jag-Bambir from Gyumri met the audience in Nilufer-Bursa and Istanbul on April 11-May 14, 2017.

“Blue Orb” is a song, hymn and ode devoted to the blue planet – the Earth, composed by Jag, the founder of The Bambir. It is a song uniting the inhabitants of the Earth, who are responsible for taking care of the planet. The song homogenously blending with the main philosophy of Human Planet inspired the concept of the art exhibition, which combined music with visual and video art, aiming to reflect the human memory, identity, terrestrial landscape and homeland.

The officials from the Municipalities of Gyumri and Nilufer, namely those responsible for the cultural affairs, had an opportunity of coming together during the events and discussing the current situation of arts and culture field in their respected cities and outlining the potential fields and framework for further cooperation.

On May 10-11 Nida Ates from Bursa and Suren Asatryan – prominent musicians in their respected countries, met with Gyumri and Yerevan audiences to present the diverse and shared musical traditions of the region. The concert in Gyumri was held in National Aesthetic Center. Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art hosted the concert in Yerevan.

On May 12-18 the Theatre of Nilufer Municipality under the direction of Engin Alkan visited Gyumri and Yerevan to present Hakob Paronyan’s “Eastern Dentist” musical as the first work of an Armenian playwright staged in Turkey. It was also the first theatre play from Turkey performed in Armenia so far. Modern interpretation of Paronyan’s “Eastern Dentist”, which also reflects the issues in the modern societies, resonated very well among the audience in Armenia.

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