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Support Program for Works with Children

August 2018 – October 2019
Batman, Diyarbakır, Hakkari, Mardin, Şırnak, Van

Support Program for Works with Children that aims to support artists, teachers/trainers, psychologists, activists, and civil society workers, who conduct psychosocial support-oriented arts and culture activities with children, in Batman, Diyarbakır, Hakkari, Mardin, Şırnak, and Van, consists of two sections: “Trainer Training” and “Small Grant”.

We carry on with the “Children’s Fund” that we have launched with this aim on 1 February 2016 now under the name of “Support Program for Works with Children”. In 2016, we provided support for continuation or initiation of the works that paused or could not start due to various reasons through supporting the activities and/or workshops carried out by the persons and institutions that work with children. 20 workshops/activities were supported out of the 40 applications submitted in response to our call for applications, and grants were allocated accordingly. With the workshop organized in Diyarbakır in the aftermath of the program, suggestions for the upcoming period were received and thus the current program is shaped.

Trainer Training, which aims to support persons and institutions that work with children through psychological pedagogical approaches distinctive to psychosocial support works and art workshops, consists of one General Training and six Art Workshops.

In the General Training titled “Methodology for Working with Children Under Risk – Psychological Pedagogical Approaches – Psychosocial Support Works”, the participants were provided 5 days long theoretical and practical trainings on the following topics: “Psychosocial Support Works and the Rehabilitative Effects of Art Activities”, “Getting Started to Work with Children under Risk”, “Establishing a Framework”, “Childhood: Getting to Know the Child”, “Child’s Rights During War and Conflict” and “Arts, Games, and Psychodrama in the Psychosocial Support Works”. Following the General Training that took place in Afacan Youth House (Afacan Geçnlik Evi) in Aliağa İzmir between 25-30 August 2018, the Art Workshops, which took place in Diyarbakır, started in October and lasted for 3 months. For the Art Workshops that took place in Children First Association and Amed City Theater, intensive workshops on the following subjects were organized in accordance with the needs of the participants: Photography, Music-Rhythm, Plastic Arts, Toys-Game, Storytelling, and Creative Drama. General Training in İzmir and Art Workshops in Diyarbakır have been mutually complementary. In the next stage, participants will start preparing their projects with children with the support of supervisors.

Within the scope of the Small Grant, which aims to provide financial support to psychosocial support-oriented arts and culture works, 6 projects per month will be supported between 15 September 2018-15 September 2019 through a small grant amounting up to 2.000 TL for the material expenses (camera, drawing book, paints, etc.) and transportation expenses. Small Grant also includes consultancy support for the persons and institutions for the processes of project preparation, implementation, reporting, archiving, communication and coordination by the Anadolu Kültür team. Moreover, a network will be established among the grantees in order to enable the implementation of the exemplary works in other regions.

Applications will be evaluated on the first week of each month by an evaluation committee consisting of experts from civil society in addition to the representatives of Anadolu Kültür, and the results will be announced latest by the 15th of the given month.

Small Grant that has been accepting applications since 15 September 2018 received applications from persons and institutions from Batman, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Şırnak, and Van. The applications were evaluated thoroughly by the advisory board. As of 31 January 2019; 5 projects from Diyarbakır, 1 project from Mardin, 1 project from Şırnak, and 2 projects from Van -adding up to 9 projects in total- have been supported. Small Grant will keep accepting applications till 31 July 2019.

Support Program for Works with Children is organized by Anadolu Kültür in cooperation with Kompetenz Berlin and supported by the Umverteilen Foundation. The program is realized in collaboration with Diyarbakır Institute for Political and Social Research - DISA (Diyarbakır), Children First Association (Diyarbakır), Amed City Theater, Development of Social and Cultural Life Association - SKYGD (İstanbul), Bilgi University Child Studies Unit (İstanbul), and Gündem Çocuk (Ankara).

Application form, frequently asked questions (FAQ), detailed information on evaluation criteria, and other information and documents can be accessed below.

For further information:
Derya Bozarslan | | +90 212 219 18 36
Gökşin Uğur | | +90 212 219 18 36

Small Grant Application Form (Turkish), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Evaluation Criteria, Project Report Form