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Don’t Tell Us Fairy Tales (DSM)

A Cultural Bridge Between Women from Diyarbakır and Trabzon
September 2011-April 2012
Diyarbakır, Trabzon, Istanbul

27-28 January 2012, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre
30-31 January 2012, Trabzon Hüseyin Kazaz Cultural Center
17 March 2012, Kartal Municipality Hasan Ali Yücel Stage, Istanbul
18 March 2012, Beyoğlu Maya Stage, Istanbul

Organized by: Diyarbakır Arts Center (DSM)
Directed by: Dilek Güven

Don’t Tell Us Fairy Tales, carried out by the Diyarbakır Arts Center with the support of the Consulate General of Sweden, is a theatre project that aims to build a cultural bridge between women from Trabzon and Diyarbakır via a theatre piece with the hope of bringing people from two distant and different cities closer, and developing new relationships and collaborations.

Within the scope of the project inspired by Sevilay Saral’s play titled Women’s Tales, the chapters where the roles of familiar female protagonists of tales are questioned are brought together with fragments from plays by mostly women authors selected by the director of the play, Dilek Güven. In the play, formed around a text representing themes such as violence, losses, custom and tradition, rebellion and silence, based on a field of common experience shared by women from Trabzon and Diyarbakır, the aim was for the women to express themselves through theatre, get to know each other and to produce together. Following parallel rehearsals carried out by four female actors in the two cities from September 2011 on, the team got together in Diyarbakır in January 2012 and carried out a collective rehearsal for about a week. In January, the play was first staged in Diyarbakır, and immediately after, in Trabzon. The project was finalized with the performances held in Istanbul on 17-18 March 2012. The play Don’t Tell Us Fairy Tales was met with great interest from both audiences and the press in all three cities, and was later staged separately by the teams from Trabzon and Diyarbakır in their respective cities and regions at festivals and events.

Within the scope of the Don’t Tell Us Fairy Tales project, in addition to the play collaboratively created by women from Diyarbakır and Trabzon in the two cities, a drama workshop for women was realized in Diyarbakır in collaboration with the Yenişehir Municipality Education Counselling and Psychological Support Center (EPİDEM). The project was realized in collaboration with the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre, Diyarbakır EPİDEM, Trabzon Arts Center and Trabzon City Theatre.