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Diyarbakır Film Days (DSM)


Organized by: Diyarbakır Art Center (DSM) and Diyarbakır Film Club

The Diyarbakır Film Days, the first of which was held in June 2007 when more than 40 films from Diyarbakır and other cities in the region were screened, had hosted a rich sharing of experience with panels featuring directors organized within the scope of the event. With the aim of perpetuating this act of sharing, and with the collaboration of the Diyarbakır Film Club (DSK) that continues its activities within the body of DSM, the second edition of the film days was organized from 9 to 11 May 2008. Titled the Diyarbakır Meeting of Short Films, the second film days featured more than 20 short films and documentaries, including works by DSK members.

For the 3rd Diyarbakır Film Days, held from 15 to 17 May 2009 with the organization of DSK and DSM, the scope of the event was expanded to feature international films in addition to documentaries taking part from various parts of Turkey and selected short films. Also supported by the Diyarbakır Governorship, the Diyarbakır Trade and Industry Chamber and the Chamber of Pharmacists, around 50 short films and documentaries were screened at the event, and panels and workshops were held with the attendance of directors and film critics.

The 4th Film Days, held from 23 to 25 April 2010, opened with the premiere of the feature film titled Wenda co-directed by DSK members Abdullah Yaşa, Ali Kemal Çınar and Sait Korkut, which was also supported by Anadolu Kültür, and was met with great interest. The film was later screened at the Istanbul Cezayir Screening Hall and at the London Kurdish Film Festival.

Finally, from 19 to 22 May 2011, the 5th Film Days met its audience with a programme featuring several international films, and a majority of Kurdish short films. The opening screening of the feature film Mandû with the participation of its director Îbrahîm Saîdî attracted great interest. In addition to screenings and panels, two workshops on film criticism and film production were held for the first time in Diyarbakır.