Ankara’nın başkent olmasıyla modern bir proje halini alan ve başlangıcı İstanbul’un fethine dayanan batılılaşma hamleleri yol açmıştır.

Peace Prize for “HADIA”!

Tarek is an 6 years old superhero from Aleppo. At least when he was at home… Now he seems to have lost his super powers in his new home, while he is doing his secret mission.

Within the scope of the project “Syrian Cultural Heritage for Children: Books and Games”, Sinem Sakaoğlu’s short animation film “Hadia” has premiered at one of the internationally renowned film festivals, namely Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and has been awarded by Liv Ullmann Peace Prize and Best Animation Second Place.

Also, “Hadia” has took a place at the ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan and 9. Hangi İnsan Hakları? Film Festivali placed (9th Which Human Rights? Film Festival). “Hadia” will be available as open source on the internet after the screening at the festivals.

We will soon accompany Tarek in his adventures of re-establishing ties to the past and building new friendships where we have lived to this day.

The project is implemented with the support of US Embassy, Ankara, Chrest Foundation and Open Society Foundation.