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"all together" in summer 2018

A year after it took its initial steps in July 2017, “all together” project carries on in 2018 with 6 different working groups. Each working group consisting of experts from Germany and Turkey that are experienced in arts and culture based alternative methods gathered in different cities in Germany. Between May 2018 and September 2018 small groups elaborated their workshop contents that they have been developing in various themes for more than a year, and rendered contents ready for field implementation with children.
The groups continue their work with the following titles: Multilingual Memory Game, MAXI Game, Space for Inclusion, ArTogether, MeloBE, Dancing Matters

Multilingual Memory Game group met in Germany, Freising at the end of May, 2018. Participants have been working on transforming a well-known memory game structure into a multilingual game by adding several languages to emphasize diveristy as an asset. Participants have discussed card sizes, illustrations and game booklet framework, considering that the game will be played in schools and community centers as well as at home. Due to different needs of a variety of communities living in Germany and Turkey, lists of languages to be included for Germany and for Turkey are individually overviewed.

MAXI Game working group met in June, 2018 in Bochum, specifically to elaborate the game algorithm as well as main categories of the game that will be played by two teams, each consisting of 4 or 5 children. Game design will be flexible enough to allow facilitators to use it in the open air (parks, gardens and school courtyards) as well as in classrooms. Lately, participants are working on incorporating socio-emotional learning, multilingualism and cultural inclusion in the game design.

Space for Inclusion group is preparing a guidebook to support facilitators, educators and social workers in building an inclusive learning environment through practicle interventions and effective suggestions. During the last meeting in Essen, group members developed a “participatory structure” for the booklet in order to make room for educators’ everyday experience. They also underline that fruitful bonds can be established with educators and social workers only if an inclusive language is adopted for the booklet.

MeloBE aims to base their output on the universal language of music and address children through common melodies. During their meeting in Düsseldorf in July, group participants worked on one of the six melodies composed for the project and developed exercises to strenghten individual and collective rythym and harmony skills of children. They will proceed with a discussion on the openness, diveristy and complexity levels of melodies so that more precise video tutorials will be developed.

In August 2018, participants of ArTogether attended the invitation of Mondomio! Children Museum in Westfalenpark, Dortmund. Group participants have already developed activities targeting museum visits by children groups. They implemented these activities among themselves and made a session of feedback and further development. In the next step, they discussed activity materials as well as duration of activities, participation, openness to cultural diversity, and children’s interaction with arts.

Dancing Matters group has been working in Istanbul during Summer 2018 and recently realized the first sample shooting for their first video tutorial. They focus on a local dance and an individual figure who performes this dance. By collecting personal migration stories as well as everyday life experiences of the protagonist via videos, experts will develop workshop content for children aiming to give the floor to children to express themselves, develop curiosity through dance and get the chance to create their own stories and dances.